We’re a husband and wife team who take care of every aspect of owning and operating Courtyard Artistry.

Eric first started his love affair with gardening through a passion for nature, spending time camping, hiking and exploring all over the southwest. The sheer impact and beauty of nature is awe inspiring and seems to fulfil some primal need in all of us, being able to bring it home with you is the purpose of a garden and the love of one led naturally to the other.

Talking to people about their home and garden needs on a daily basis, hearing about the projects they were working on, it became apparent that though nearly everyone wants and loves a beautiful green garden, rising land prices have dramatically reduced garden sizes and the modern family is often time poor, lacking the resources to spend hours outside gardening to achieve the result that they want. The courtyard is the modern lifestyle garden alternative yet we often find them uninspiring spaces, challenging to work with or at the bottom of the to-do list as we lack either the knowledge or expensive collection of tools to accomplish our vision and really do it justice.

Kirsty runs our office, including accounts, administration and at least a dozen other things that Eric doesn’t know about, while he looks after operations, focusing on consultation, design and the installation of garden packages and specific courtyard products.

Picture provided courtesy of Ash C.- an amazing artist!

There is a genuine need within the community for a landscape design and installation service that reflects the practicalities of modern suburban living: no big lawns, the need to create more liveable space, the need for privacy and the desire for a high level of artistic finesse in the execution of the project – people want to see something uniquely beautiful when they look out the window.

After much research and planning, Courtyard Artistry was born, taking a step beyond just giving advice on how to do it yourself, to actually designing and doing it for you. As the guy who was the man to see if you wanted advice for your DIY project, your garden is in incredibly safe hands.

We love to support local business and when we find an organisation that really does provide great customer service we want to let others know! When working North of the River we get our soils and trailers from Quick Grow Landscape Centre at 2092 Wanneroo Road, Neerabup (near Hester Ave). The team at Quick Grow will  help you with making the right selection and provide both great service and a good quality product at an equally good price.