The grass is always greener…

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for courtyard spaces and can be used effectively in conjunction with surrounding plant life and stone to transform the ambiance of the garden-scape, from actinic white during the summer months to a cool, rich and relaxing green. When the right material is selected and the design is just right, it is the perfect supplement for providing that necessary colour without looking artificial at all. It’s a brilliant negative space that’s soft on both the eyes and the feet.

Buffalo and Cooch Grass

Cooch grass is the popular choice for WA lawns but if you have a shady area that struggles in winter, or want something soft and spongy underfoot for the kids, why not look at a modern strain of buffalo such as Sir Walter? We install all kinds off lawn, including the soil conditioner and reticulation you need to keep that grass healthy in the long term.