I’m not entirely sure what I want…

When invited into many people’s homes you may notice that though the house is beautifully decorated, tastefully laid out with modern appliances and those little touches of ornamentation that make a place feel like home, that the ambiance is sadly let down just a little when you get to have a look outside. It’s not bad, it’s just that the front yard is repetitively laid out in a standard design and the only thing in the courtyard is bricks, paving, a fading suite of outdoor furniture and the odd token gesture pot plant or two. Yet when you talk to them, what they really want is a courtyard garden that shows off their home to its best advantage, a feature that is also a space where they can relax, unwind and entertain.

With such limited space to work with and given the time poor nature of our modern lifestyles, it’s not surprising that many people put landscaping their courtyard off until last. They may not be aware that there is anything that they can do artistically with the space, or are struggling to come up with ideas or methods to achieve the look that they want. This is where our team can help you.

Initial Consultation

In order to create a courtyard landscape that suits you and your family’s needs we can come to your home for a personal consultation. We like to get a genuine feel for your decorating tastes and for the possibilities inherent in the space. During this time we will also take photographs and measurements and examine structural features such as drainage and groundwork for any factors that may affect the design process. Given our extensive experience in customer service driven roles and our passion for beautiful gardens, we are committed to making our consultations as open and engaging as possible, it really is part of the experience.

Design and Quotation Process

Back at HQ we apply the same principles of design as those used in fine art or photography to create an artistic landscape within your courtyard space, transforming your windows into pictures framing images of lush green foliage, brilliant flowers and the sparkle of flowing water. We create a greater sense of depth within the yard through the manipulation of perspective and careful layering. This is also where we put together our quote based on the estimated materials list, labor and associated costs inherent in the design. A full landscape design takes research and time to get right and as such, a design fee of $440 is applied.


Once you have selected and are happy with the design for your courtyard, we can fully install all the elements necessary to transform that vision into a reality. After so many years spent helping people with their project designs and tips on installing, putting it all together just seemed like the natural progression to take: we have all the tools, the skills and the experience to make it happen. We incorporate installation time into our design process and aim for the majority of our projects to be completed within one week once work begins. We fully respect the integrity of your home and run an extremely tidy work-site that is packed up neatly at the end of each day. We are insured and for your peace of mind, please feel free to look us up on the Australian Business Registry.