I keep meaning to get out there but…

The state of the garden makes our business look untidy…

Gardening and Property Maintenance: Residential and Commercial

We lead busy lives and despite our best intentions the garden often misses out on the attention that it needs not just to flourish, but sometimes even just to survive. Weeds take over in the garden beds, dead patches start appearing in the lawn and the hedges are drooping… let’s not even mention the poor pot plants. You may hate gardening or you may love being out in the garden, yet just don’t have the equipment or energy to tackle the yard in quite the same way anymore: whatever your gardening needs (including mowing services) and whatever your garden size, contact Courtyard Artistry – we’d love to help!

Seasonal Garden Makeovers

With the change in season we often discover that the irrigation system has blocked or that dead leaves and twigs just seem to be everywhere. Not to mention all the pruning that needs to be done and the re-mulching, the fertilizing… Why not spare yourself the time and hassle of getting your garden back into pristine condition by calling us: we cater to all garden sizes with our makeovers. Spring and autumn are the perfect time to fertilize and prune, whilst in summer the plants are crying out for mulch, soil wetting agents and fixed sprinkler heads. Winter garden tidy-ups can be needed post storm during the worst of the rainy season, when branches come down, shade-cloth rips off and gutters overflow.

Irrigation / Reticulation

We live in a beautiful yet sun-burnt country and our water is a precious resource. Watering the plants is also often the one thing that we often forget to do in our busy daily schedule. Why not save water and save your plants by speaking to us about a range of irrigation solutions for your garden. We specialize in micro-sprayer and drip irrigation systems.

Pots, Plants and Planting

Choosing the right plants to create the look and feel that you want in your garden-scape is vitally important, they are the living sculptures that breathe life (literally) into your environment. We have made that selection easier by researching and recommending a preferred list of plants that we know work in our area and compliment the design elements characteristic of our work. We have a great network of horticulturalists on standby for advice if there is a specific species that is a ‘must have’ item on your garden-scape wish list.

When selected as a standalone service or included as part of a package, your plants come potted with organic fertilizers, soil, pots and labor included in the price. Plant selection, planting, mulching, etc., provided as part of the Garden Design Service or other Courtyard Products are priced according to the estimate submitted with the design and quotation.