Solid, comforting, inert mass

Our beautiful natural stonework is hand crafted, each limestone selected by the craftsman in one of a number of local quarries, before being transported to your backyard and recreated as a vibrant part of the garden-scape. As these walls age their character continues to grow as they slowly disappear behind the foliage –we can even show you how to encourage moss and lichens to grow, aiding the transformation process. Or, if you prefer clean, pristine stonework, we can seal it for you as well to stop any growth from occurring. If the Mediterranean appeal of limestone isn’t quite to your taste, moss rock is another wonderful material for crafting low walls and borders around the garden. It’s multi-hued, granite texture lends an old-world, traditional character to the space, reminiscent of the hills and rivers of the South West.

Please note, that due to the weight of the material involved and in keeping with council regulations, all natural stone walls are built to a maximum height of 50cm