Why are we so passionate about gardens?

The Australian dream has changed a little over the years and the average backyard is a bit smaller than the quarter acre block that our grandparents had.

A courtyard is generally what most of us may have to work with and it can seem like a challenge to create an outdoor area that feels spacious and full of life. Our vision is to help you create your own, personal little oasis within the space that you have available, sharing what we do best to help you get the most benefit out of your garden.

We want to provide you with a well-designed, innovatively implemented courtyard garden, one that adds a sense of space and life as you look out the window every day from your living areas. Rather than looking out at bricks and pavers, we want you to see an environment bigger and deeper than it really is, rich with plants, those harsh suburban lines softened with the use of local stone to cradle the greenery, cooled and soothed by the sound of running water.

Our vision is to be able to share with you the pleasure of looking for frogs in among the ferns, the perfume of jasmine blossoms as they transform into a living wall of flowers, or the quiet satisfaction of watching the koi from the deck at the end of a long day.

The experience inherent in ‘the dream’ hasn’t died, it’s merely been re-sized and needs to be shared – let us help create that vision and passion for your garden-scape.