It’s meant for space but we have no privacy!

Many modern homes have courtyard spaces that open directly onto the garage area, resulting in an unsightly and hard to work with garden-scape. We offer a timber framework screening solution that creates a functional barrier for children, pets and wind, giving you a new-found sense of privacy within your home. The completed screening is also a beautiful feature wall that adds character and style to your garden – it is the backdrop from which we create that all-important sense of depth and perspective in your garden.

A key design feature of our carport screening is to use a highly decorative,  highly durable plastic screen panel to provide a beautiful focal point for each pane (see Decorative Screening). We use traditional woodworking joins wherever possible to minimize unsightly screws and bolts and prepare as much of the framework as is possible in our workshop before coming out to assemble the screening on-site. This minimizes the level of noise and time needed on-site as well as ensuring a better quality finished product.

We use the same principles and materials to construct beautiful, timber-based fence extensions, adding to your sense of privacy and reducing the force of the wind in your yard. Make it attractive enough that the neighbors love it too!

Carport or courtyard?