Welcome to the Chaldean Planetary System, near the edge of  galactic space…

Creativity doesn’t end when we down tools at the end of the day, like any good geek there’s a wide range of hobbies and interests to turn our attention to. One in particular that naturally lends itself to a landscape designer is the design and construction of a wide range of ‘terrain’ for table top wargaming – specifically Warhammer 40K in this case.

At the end of every job there is usually a pile of left over bits and bobs that are too small or too few in number to be of use anymore in commercial construction. While these would normally be added to landfill by most contractors, we see a whole world in miniature just waiting to be revealed and save everything from our old reticulation parts (pulled out of the ground), to little off-cuts of timber, piping and metal. Nearly everything can be recycled and re-purposed.

Our basis for construction was a simple narrative centered on the Chaldean System of planets, situated at the edge of charted territory in the Euphrates Sector, in space effected by the warp tides of the Chaos Maelstrom. Three planets are habitable as well as one moon in orbit around the gas giant, with mining for a rare crystal used in weapons technology and light secondary production forming the basis of trade with the Imperium. Sounds cool right?

We have tried to build our terrain tough for gaming conditions as well as practically for miniatures and have kept it purposefully de-badged so that it is appropriate for any game type using a 1/35 to 1/32 scale.

Please get in contact if you see something that you are interested in commissioning and if you’re a table-top wargaming fan, watch this space as there will be a range of product and services to come.

May the Dice Gods be with you!

The wonderful world of terrain…

Anti-Aircraft Gun


Alien Buildings

Battalion HQ

Communications Installations


Dragon Skeleton

Field Terrain

Forest Emplacements

Hill Terrain

Human Hab Blocks

Human Outpost

Human Towers

Industrial Piping

Jungle Terrain

Jungle Shrine


Landing Pad

Lava Terrain

Mallee Forest Terrain


Mining Terrain

Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Power Generators



Rocky Terrain

Smoke Spirals

Wall (Defensive) Terrain

Water Processing Plant


Thanks for checking out the ‘for fun’ page, we hope that if you’re not a tabletop wargaming enthusiast that at least you have been inspired by our creative efforts in producing a sci-fi world in miniature!

If you are a gamer, please feel free to get in contact to talk terrain or game systems (we’re always up for a day of  40K) and as mentioned at the top of the page, watch this space – as you can see from the photographs of the Battle Board, we’re gearing up to produce a range of videos and battle reports.

Will let you know more soon!

Cheers, Eric.